Pokemon Events on Sundays

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  • By Rob Kayton
Pokemon Events on Sundays

Pokemon Day


Do you enjoy playing card games? Do play a Pokemon video game? Join us on Sundays at 3:00pm for our weekly Pokemon Day. Each Sunday during the summer we will be teacher players how to start playing the Pokemon TCG.


If you have a kid who is at least 6 years old this is a great way to spend some time. Pokemon teaches you how to read critically, problem solve, work with others, and most importantly it teaches you how to socialize with others!
Especially during the summer it can be hard to find activities to get your family out of the house and away from the tablet, computer, TV. Playing a fun and interactive game with others is a great way to beat the heat and the boredom that summer can bring.

We will teach you...

  • How to build a deck
  • How to play the game
  • How to identify cards


What you need?

You don't need to have cards, dice, or any idea how to play. We have everything you need to start learning this incredibly fun game/hobby. It's really important when learning a new game to give yourself time to learn and grow. You will not be an expert over night and it take time to get good at a game like this. Bring snacks or money for snacks. We play from 3pm-6Pm so water and something to eat really helps make sure you keep having fun. Finally you'll want to bring a friend to learn with you. Pokemon is a two player game and while we will have others there to play with it's really fun to learn with someone you enjoy hanging out with.